Classic Rock Guitars

Classic Rock Guitars is a sticker pack perfect for anyone who loves guitars and rock music! These are the guitars of garage bands and all of the bands who rose up throughout the 1960's and 1970's.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category:

Sketch the Photo

Sketch the Photo App with new Experience of Photo Editing.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Photo & Video

Danger Rock Pro

Tap left side of screen to jump left and right side of screen to jump right. Dodge the obstacles placed in the way and go higher to make score.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Games

Inspirational Series Two

We've searched through endless pages of quotes from some of the worlds greatest minds to bring you the Inspirational Series Two iSticker pack!
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category:

Mysterious Halloween Stickers

Get your new Halloween Stickers and text to your friends! It's one of America's favorite holidays, but what's the real story behind the tricks and treats of Halloween?
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category:

The Grim Reaper Emoji Sticker

Grim Reaper... Not Horror at all.... Cute Grim Reaper in any emotion! Do you want to impress your friends in Halloween? Now you can do it in your chat with these sticker!.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category:

Bar Code Reader Kit

Bar code reader kit is very fast and easy tools for generate and scan bar code. This tools able to generate many type of bar code. The list is given below.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Business

Rainbow Hair Unicorn Sticker

Rainbow Unicorn loves people and wish them to be happy! Do you want to impress your friends? Make your conversations cuter with these stickers!
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category:


Welcome to Markup+: powerful, yet wonderfully advanced caption editor and markup that works with ultra-high-resolution photos such as 8K, 10K and even more.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Photo & Video


简洁的天气软件。 拒绝广告的骚扰。
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Reference

Factory Madness: Build It

The madness continues with ‘Factory Madness’ - the follow-up to ‘Office Madness’ and ‘Hospital Madness’.
 Harvest and mine unlimited valuable resources. Manufacture finished products.
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Games

AR Sight Words

AR Sight Words uses Augmented Reality to allow students to find Sight Words floating all around them! Works in the classroom, living room, kitchen and even outdoors!
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Education


1,同 步 人教精通英语4年级下 的 教 科 书 携带方便。 …
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Education


自分が乗るバスや電車の時刻表を Apple Watch に送って、Apple Watchを見るだけで、次の乗車時刻まであと何分かが簡単にわかるアプリです。
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Medical

Returner 77

Returner 77 is a cinematic space mystery puzzle game. You are in a giant alien spaceship hovering above Earth, after everything went wrong. You’re mankind’s last hope. Can you save us?
Released: Oct 18, 2017Category: Games

Cute French Bulldog Dog Emoji

A passionate and naughty French Bulldog. Let's become friends. Do you want to impress your friends? Now you can enhance your iMessages with these Cute Frenchie stickers!
Released: Oct 17, 2017Category:

Flight City™

Let 's fly together with city management. Operate my airline and airport city.
Released: Oct 17, 2017Category: Games

Quit Smoking Pro: Stop Forever

Are you thinking about Quitting smoking?
Released: Oct 17, 2017Category: Healthcare & Fitness

Grik the Goblin

Grik the Goblin is a set of four colourful stories teaching KS2 and KS3 pupils about bullying.
Released: Oct 17, 2017Category: Education

Solar System A.R

Turn your living room into an interactive planetarium and explore the solar system with Augmented Reality experience!
Released: Oct 17, 2017Category: Education