Train in your house, train in the gym. I am your personal trainer, I tell you when to start, when to rest and when finished. Simple routines with clear images so you know exactly what to do.
Released: Jun 14, 2018Category: Sports

Shine - Sparkle Camera

【Features】 ◆ 20+ sparkle effects designed for shooting specific objects including jewelry, cloth, food, sea, sky etc.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Photo & Video

My travel diary

Take a trip and record your thoughts about the country, the city, places you want to remember, and photos like a diary. Over time, you can look at photos and recall the feeling of the time.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Travel


家风,是一个家庭的精神风气,也是一个家族的处世原则。 家风,影响着一个家族每一代人的成长。
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Lifestyle

Stickers. Milk processing

No in-app payment. No advertising. The game develops on the "visit" to the farm, the dairy and the cheese shop. In every place you find stickers to place.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Entertainment

No Food

Take control of your cravings! With many approaches to healthy eating, some are even contradicting each other.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Food & Drink

World Soccer 2018 Team Flags

"The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office."
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Sports

IronMagic-magic steel marbles

Pick up a pinball, throw it out at a special angle, think of ways to make it no longer touch the core, when it flies in the air more than 10 seconds later there will be a new pinball to join.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Games

Engineering Calculator

Engineering Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 59 Engineering Calculators Split into 3 Categories: Civil Engineering Includes 29 Calculators: - Cantilever Beam - Pipeline Flow Rate -…
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Education


- Month and daily are united A daily schedule is accumulated for one month and it is a schedule table of one sheet.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Business


Fai la tua parte! Scarica gli iMessage Stickers NoHungerMoji e sostieni la campagna promossa da Virginio Favale per la lotta contro la fame nel mondo.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category:

Fun Hat Stickers Pack

Fun Hat Stickers Pack is a great collection with most amazing stickers ready to share with your friends with few taps. Check out some screenshots.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category:

Outer Space Stickers Pro

Where’s the edge of space? What seems like a simple question has an answer with more layers than the Earth’s atmosphere.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category:

Tense Master

Everything you need to learn all the English tenses in one app – Tense Master. The English tenses can be fun and easy to learn by practicing with exercises.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Education


A good local video player has powerful functions, simple picture, and strong privacy.
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Entertainment

Malayalam Translator

- Translate Malayalam to any language or any language to Malayalam - Added 103 Language - Copy and Share support for translation results - No ads and lifetime free usage access
Released: Jun 19, 2018Category: Education

Tank Wars - Premium

Tank Wars – are good old arcade tanks! In battle, gentlemen! Choose one of the 4 ways to fame, each of which is difficult in its own way, from a calm company to a fretting mincing machine.
Released: Jun 18, 2018Category: Games


Tap-Talk is a simplistic communication solution for individuals who don't communicate like the rest of us. Now they can!
Released: Jun 18, 2018Category: Education

Truck in the maze of the city

Hi! I’m BOSS – owner of a hugest wholesale base. I offer you to work for me as a drive of truck. Your main task is to drive among werehouses, pack boxes with products and get them to my base.
Released: Jun 18, 2018Category: Games

Planet Pompeii Audioguide PRO

The Planet Pompeii APP with map, itineraries and audio guide will accompany you on your visit, making you appreciate all the ancient beauty of this unique place.
Released: Jun 18, 2018Category: Travel