Watchbook - Watch for Facebook

The simplest and most effective way to use Facebook on your Apple Watch! Watchbook lets you seamlessly view your News Feed & Post Status Updates from your Apple Watch.

Littlebook: for Facebook@Watch

Get the FACEBOOK experience on Apple Watch + Read your Facebook newsfeed, get notifications, like posts & give status updates + Please read full description before buying!

Badoo Premium

Looking to meet somebody new? Whether you want to date, make new friends or just casually chat - the right person for you is waiting on Badoo.

WatchSnap - Watch for Snapcode

With WatchSnap, you can easily access your Snapcode via your Apple Watch! Now you can add all your Snap besties with a simple scan of your Apple Watch Screen!

Repost It Pro for Instagram

Want to Repost Your Favorite Photos and Videos from Instagram? Looking to Share All The Best Posts on Instagram with All of Your friends? Repost It!

WatchUp for WhatsApp

This brand new third-party app pairs your favorite messenger WhatsApp with your Apple Watch. WatchUp allows you to read & send messages from your Apple Watch.

The Chan

The Chan is a browser for imageboards. It currently supports 4chan and 2ch.

TeamSpeak 3

This is our new, official app from the makers of TeamSpeak voice chat software.

Continual for Instagram

Continual lets you post videos of any length to Instagram Stories. Now you don't have to squeeze your stories to 15 seconds. Don't get cut off in the middle of you talking to your followers.

WatchChat for WhatsApp

WatchChat is the first app that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. You only need to scan a QR code and then you are ready to roll!

Tweetbot 4 for Twitter

Tweetbot is a wonderful Twitter client that’s powerful and a joy to use. Sync your timeline across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Tweetbot for Mac also available in the Mac App Store).


Threema is the world’s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations and governments.

Birthday Reminder Pro+

Birthday Reminder Pro+ is the easiest and most effective way to remind you of your friends' and family members' birthdays so that you never forget another Birthday ever again.

Agent for WhatsApp

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true messaging functionality for WhatsApp.

Griddy Pro - Split Pic in Grids For Instagram Post

Instagram is a nice Photo Sharing app where you can share photos with millions of people.

Skout+ - Chat, Meet New People

Enjoy the AD-FREE version of Skout, the global network for meeting new people. NO ADS, all fun!

Tweeticide - Delete All Tweets

Tweeticide allows you to delete all of your tweets at once. Have you ever wanted to clean out your Twitter account of old tweets?

WatchMail: Watch for Gmail

WatchMail lets you connect your Gmail to your Apple Watch! Easily glance at the recent emails you have sitting in your Gmail Inbox - wow!

WatchPhoto for Instagram

WatchGram lets you access your Instagram Photos on your shiny new Apple Watch! WOW - simply set up the app on the iOS Companion app and watch the magic happen!

Whatswatch: Watch for WhatsApp

Whatswatch brings WhatsApp Messages and Chats to Apple Watch!