Zombie Face Booth - Turn yourselft to real scary and ugly horror selfie photo pro

by AI M
ZOMBIE FACE BOOTH is a collection of Dead Faces from various famous films as Walking Dead, Dracula, zombie, Vampire, Jason..

New features in this version:
- You can add or remove multiple masks in a photo
- Crop or scale your photo arbitrarily
- Support over 50 masks

How to use?

- Take a photo or choose an existing one from your gallery
- Crop or scale the photo arbitrarily
- Position, resize and rotate the guide on the face
- Choose mask for face
- Click on Edit or double touch on the face if you need to reposition or fine tune the effect
- Share and have fun!
- Please visit this link for demo: http://youtu.be/1dBRsNT0INA


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Zombie Face Booth - Turn yourselft to real scary and ugly horror selfie photo pro
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5 out of 5   
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September 12, 2015
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