Zodiac signs - Astrology

A simple app with a spectacular design to always have at hand the characteristics of zodiac signs. Inside you also find a useful calculator of zodiac sign, just enter the date of birth and is instantly displayed the sign.

[ Features ]

• List and characteristics of zodiac signs:
Sign fire/air/land/water
Favorite stone
Birth Stone
• Zodiac sign calculator
• Spectacular graphics
• iMessage

[ Simple Interface ]

The graphics are perfected to the last detail to make using simple, fluid and pleasant.
Optimized for Retina Display on the iPhone and iPad.

[ Compatibility ]

• Devices:
all iPhone, iPad and iPod.

• iOS:
8.0 or later.

[ Supported languages ]

• English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

[ Support ]

If you like the app, don’t forget to leave us a review on the App Store.
For suggestions please contact us at info@lionsapp.com, or visit lionsapp.com.


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Zodiac signs - Astrology
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Elton Nallbati
September 11, 2016
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