Xmas Shopping Cart

Get yourself organized in Christmas with “Xmas Shopping Cart” Your Personal Assistant for Christmas FOR FREE


Christmas is just around the corner and if you are looking for a tool to plan your shopping then this app is perfect to help you plan this season of gifting and stay within budget

------------ COOL FEATURES --------------------

● Setup your own budget expenditure earlier to tackle any future mishap

● Set budget name, amount, source, date for reference

● Name and list your items in order to buy

● Find shopping checklist to make up your mind or in case you forgot

● Automatic computation of your shopping, shows total of estimated vs actual

● List customization, easy add and remove from the list

● Attractive Theme and friendly user interface

● Time reminder to display the status of each date in your list

● Searching option available by name, amount and date

● Share with your friends in Facebook, Twitter and Email

● Free to Download and use




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App Details

Xmas Shopping Cart
Average Rating
3.5 out of 5   
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9 users
November 30, 2012
15 MB

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