Working Memory Test

by Jonathan Groves
The Working Memory Test app presents you with nine squares, randomly placed on the device screen, each of which contains one of the numbers from 1 to 9. Every number is used, only once.
Then you need to try to memorise the position of each number.
Tap box 1 to start. All the other squares are cleared - now try to tap the other boxes in ascending order from memory.
As each box is tapped in sequence, the number is revealed to confirm you are correct.
If you tap all nine boxes in the correct sequence, you are shown the time taken to memorise the sequence successfully.
If a box is tapped out of sequence, the game is lost, at which point you may try again or play a new game.
Check out YouTube ("ESL Chimp's Memory") to see a chimp in Professor Tetsuo Matsuzawa's lab (at the Kyoto Primate Research Institute in Japan) memorise nine numbers in 0.65 seconds in a similar test. He does this repeatedly.
You won't beat that, but how long will you take?

Coded entirely in the UK using Apple’s astonishing new Swift 4 language for security, simplicity and speed. Only genuine Xcode developer tools downloaded directly from Apple were used - along with official builds of development environments and test devices.


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Working Memory Test
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Jonathan Groves
December 2, 2015
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