Wonderoom Pro

by Ilya Kuznetsov
Wonderoom is a full-featured, powerful photo editor, with clean interface, designed for quick editing.

It supports undo/redo, preserves EXIF data while editing, and it auto-saves you current progress, you can safely close the app and continue in any time.

You can import Instagram and Flickr photos from your account or do a search by hashtags.

With Wonderoom you will have all the freedom to customize your photos with pretty filters, effects, frames and fonts.


Choose from dozens of breathtaking filters and effects to completely change you image.

- Photo Filters
- Light Effects
- Art Filters
- Vignette
- Pixelate area
- Sharpness
- Blur (5 types)


Take full control over the tone and color of your image with advanced color adjustments.

- Enhance
- Warmth
- Brightness/contrast
- Hue/Saturation
- Exposure


Give your photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.

- Color Splash


Add a caption to the photo. Choose from bunch of different stickers, frames and shapes to give your photos some extra flare.

- Shapes
- Stickers
- Frames
- Text labels (bunch of fonts)


Draw on your photo with any color you want.

- Draw (5 tools, color picker, undo/redo)


- Crop
- Orientation
- Resize (with or without aspect saving)


You can add, edit or delete the geolocation and timestamp of your photo preserved in EXIF.

- Location


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Wonderoom Pro
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Ilya Kuznetsov
October 26, 2015
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