Download WGRZ2 News app to stay up-to-date with local news, weather, and traffic conditions for Buffalo, NY area.
**You can now use this app to watch live streaming of scheduled news broadcasts in high definition on your iPhone. **

- Easy access to News, Weather, Traffic, Closings, News Schedule, and Your Take

- Current weather conditions, short term and extended forecasts, radar map, health indices, school closings and weather alerts will keep you informed of the conditions at your immediate location

-You can now upload your pictures and videos from the app and contribute to your own local Your Take Community.

-Browse the list of Closings and Delays in your region; easily mark your institutions to your Favorite list in the app

- Traffic Incident data map will keep you informed of all incidents and accidents in your area when you are on the go

- Never miss out on robust full screen video clips from your favorite local station

- Choose to set up multiple reminders and get reminded at the time of News Broadcast from News Schedule section of the app

- Set your app to receive alerts of your choice for e.g. breaking news or weather related events only. Don’t want to receive alerts? You can opt to turn off the alerts with an option to set a quiet time period

- Interact with your social media contacts by sharing news articles and video clips with your Facebook, Twitter or email contacts directly from the app

WGRZ2 is determined to provide the best local content possible in a way that serves the interests and the needs of our viewers and users


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2.5 out of 5   
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October 26, 2011
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