We're Little Muslims

by House of Gul LLC

We’re Little Muslims is an interactive educational app meant to be played by children and parents. The app follows the journey of Faatimah and Ahmed, the playful and fun characters from the famous Read Little Muslims series created by Razeena Gutta and her publishing team.

Designed to be a fun and meaningful digital experience, every game in the app follows one or more of the 4 crucial categories necessary for healthy childhood development.

Based on educational research, all our activities will engage the 4 major categories necessary for healthy learning and development:

Physical - Focused on developing crucial motor skills and sense of physical touch. Emphasizes coordination and kid’s relationship with the physical world.

Social - Focused on understanding how to communicate with others and the role of community. Effectively develops social boundaries and environmental expecations.

Intellectual - Focused on developing intellect and making connections between objects and their names. Emphasizes knowledge and facts about the physical world

Emotional - Focused on developing love, trust, self-esteem and proper emotional health so kids feel empowered and safe to experiment and learn.

On this journey children and the parents can play together or individually and learn, grow and develop together."


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We're Little Muslims
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February 17, 2017
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