WatchFeed for Instagram

WatchFeed connects your Instagram account to your shiny new Apple Watch!

Simply setup your Instagram account through the iOS Companion app and watch the magic happen. Easily glance at high resolution photos by the friends, family, and celebrities you follow!

- See Poster Username
- See Poster Profile Picture
- See Posted Photo
- See Photo caption
- See Photo like count
- Refresh feed
- Load More photos to keep viewing/scrolling

We use the official platform and API to log you in in a 100% safe and secure manner - we never see credentials!

Never have to pull your phone out again to see the latest and recent Instagram photos from your followings...just glance at your wrist!

Amaze all your friends and family with this fantastic app!

Please note that this is a third party app that is not affiliated with Instagram. WatchFeed is fully compliant with Instagram and all other party terms. We use the official Instagram platform to sign you in so you can be at ease that your information is private and secure - we never see any of your information!


For feedback and support, please contact us at


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WatchFeed for Instagram
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4 out of 5   
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June 19, 2018
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