Virtueller Lichtschalter

Haben Sie die Gebäudeautomatisierung im Büro oder Heimbereich mit TCP/IP Feldbuscontrollern der Fa. WAGO © ausgeführt? Dann bietet der virtuelle Lichtschalter Ihnen die Möglichkeit, mit einem mit dem Hausnetz verbundenen IPhone © die Beleuchtung und Beschattung zu steuern. Die Integration in CoDeSYS © ist sehr einfach. Durch den virtuellen Lichtschalter werden die Bitwerte in einem definierbaren Merkerwort beim Drücken gesetzt und beim Loslassen rückgesetzt. Dadurch unterscheidet sich die Anbindung nicht von einem konventionellen Taster. Im Netzwerk sind keine besonderen Firewall Einstellungen notwendig!


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Michael Penzkofer
August 8, 2011
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Calculator HD Pro

This is THE BEST calculator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!
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Wallpaper Fix - Scale, zoom, crop and position your custom background photos

• More than 850 thousand downloads • 4 million fixed wallpapers "This is my favorite new find of the week. I am so happy to have found out about an app that takes care of that irritation." - iDownloadBlog Ever had a frustrating experience setting a picture as your iOS 8 wallpaper? Your photo looks zoomed in and pixelated?
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Prowl: Easy Push Notifications

Prowl is an easy push notifications client iOS. Push to your device notifications from your Mac or Windows computer, or from a multitude of apps and services. Easily integrate the Prowl API into your applications. A list of supported apps/services: http://prowlapp.com/apps.php The only limit of what the service can do is your imagination.
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Pipe Trades Pro -- Advanced Feet Inch Fraction and Metric Pipe Trades Math Calculator

Advanced Pipe Trades Math for iPhone And while perhaps obvious, if you change from an iOS device to a non-iOS device, you WILL need to buy a new license as they are incompatible.
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Loop2Learn Loop YouTube Videos

Have you ever been trying to learn something by watching a Youtube video, and you keep having to stop and rewind the video to watch certain parts over again? Then this is the app for you! Loop2Learn is a video looping application that allows you to replay sections of a video either from Youtube, the web or your own device, allowing you to keep your focus on the task at hand.
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iConnectHue for Philips Hue

iConnectHue will bring out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, areas or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions! Want to go to bed? Just start up the app-integrated sleep timer and close your eyes.
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Italian Emoji - Italian Emojis, Stickers and Gifs

Finally, an emoji app for every Italian gesture. Download Italian Emoji and get the very best Italian emoji’s and gifs to text friends and family. Italian Emoji’s two emoji apps in one - a keyboard app for quick access when texting and a full app for sharing to social networks. Also includes iMessage for your convenience.
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Karen keyboard

First app support Karen font and keyboard Install custom Karen font and you can typing, communication in all iOS apps. Enjoy your mother tone language.
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