Virtueller Lichtschalter

Haben Sie die Gebäudeautomatisierung im Büro oder Heimbereich mit TCP/IP Feldbuscontrollern der Fa. WAGO © ausgeführt? Dann bietet der virtuelle Lichtschalter Ihnen die Möglichkeit, mit einem mit dem Hausnetz verbundenen IPhone © die Beleuchtung und Beschattung zu steuern. Die Integration in CoDeSYS © ist sehr einfach. Durch den virtuellen Lichtschalter werden die Bitwerte in einem definierbaren Merkerwort beim Drücken gesetzt und beim Loslassen rückgesetzt. Dadurch unterscheidet sich die Anbindung nicht von einem konventionellen Taster. Im Netzwerk sind keine besonderen Firewall Einstellungen notwendig!


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Michael Penzkofer
August 8, 2011
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Phone Doctor Plus

* NEW VERSION, support iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X * Show you where can get the highest trade-in price * Get all iPhone status at a glance * Real system information and functions * Record daily battery charge cycles * Record and monitor network usage to avoid overuse * Integrate [ hardware, battery, memory, and storage] information monitoring
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Cone - Live Color Picker

Cone is a delightful and easy to use color picker for the real world. Key Features: - Real-time Preview: Cone starts previewing colors in real time as soon as the app is launched. - Pick Colors from Photos: Load your existing photos from the gallery and start picking colors right away. - Closest Pantone Colors: Get up to 10 closest Pantone colors for every captured color.
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YOUR CLUB MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION TO RESERVEMYCOURT TO USE THIS APP ReserveMyCourt is your online tennis reservation system. No more worrying with lost sign-up sheets, no more conflicts, and no more hoping there is an open court when you arrive.
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SMS Export

IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD THE LATEST DESKTOP APP from www.smsexport.com to be compatible with iOS 10! SMS Export is the only WORKING solution available on the AppStore to copy SMS and iMessages from your iPhone/iPad to your PC or Mac, to be able to save and print them. No need to configure TCP/IP or install on your computer "obscure" applications.
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Tigrinya/Tigre App

Finally, you can read and write the way YOU were meant to, with the language you think in! Tigrinya/Tigre App opens a new world of technology for Africa's only currently used indigenous script. A free font lets you read, in almost any app, anything written in a Ge'ez script based language.
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Dreamdays: Count Down to the Days that Matter

We are delighted to introduce Dreamdays 3.0 to our 6 million and growing users. We have taken the essence of Dreamdays 1.0 and 2.0 and distilled it down to the most enjoyable countdown experience. With Dreamdays, you can sort through your countdown events by categories and time.
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Scany - Network Scanner

Scany is the Swiss army knife of apps for home, office, corporate LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot owners, network administrators, security specialists, developers and everyone who needs to diagnose and resolve network issues and easily do everyday network tasks.
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Vehicle Clinometer

Get the Original", Get Smittybilt 4x4 enthusiasts, Jeep owners, and Off Road drivers routinely face the risk of roll-over. This application can help reduce the risk by displaying a clinometer, also known as a tilt meter, using the accelerometers built into your device. Displays Roll and Pitch gauges. Any orientation - Portrait or Landscape mode.
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