Vocaboo English for kids: learn words and ABC

by Vocaboo Ltd
Learn the first 100 English words for free — using bright cards with photos, voiced by professional actors that are native speakers.

• Like flash cards or Doman cards, only better!
• All 100 words are connected through phrases — serving as examples of usage.
• Words and phrases are voiced by professional actors!
• 4 different types of tests for checking knowledge with an animated character.
• 30 prize-awarding short cartoons in English.
• The series has 10 apps in total, about 1,200 words and 2,500 phrases.

▶ No in-app purchases or hidden payments!
▶ Works without the Internet — use on the road, or when on vacation.
▶ No in-app advertising!

Our apps are designed for children aged 2-9. Vocaboo's teaching methodology is based on the most effective methods for learning foreign languages:
A) easy remembering through imaginative thinking,
B) immersion in the language environment,
C) following the interests of the child and
D) positive motivation through prizes — short cartoons in English.

Features of the methodology:

Visual thinking activates long-term memory.

All words and phrases are presented in the form of vivid photos. These live cards activate imaginative thinking, and evoke positive emotions in the child. In this state, children absorb new words like a sponge, and knowledge is stored in a long-term memory.

Good pronunciation is formed through hearing.

We recreated the same language environment in which English-speaking children learn their native language naturally — in the family and communicating with each other. Every word and every phrase in Vocaboo apps is voiced by English native speakers (professional actors).

Effective training is based on curiosity.

Vocaboo apps allow children to learn a language independently, without their parents. With each click, children open a new word or phrase. All words are connected with each other through phrases — serving as examples of their usage. The child travels through the new words, driven by curiosity. We call this method — Curiosity Based Learning. Following the attention and interests of the child, the learning process becomes fun!

Prize-awarding short cartoons motivate the child to learn new words.

The child receives stars after giving the correct answer in the knowledge checking test. To see a new cartoon, the child must receive a sufficient number of stars. Viewing a cartoon (2-3 minutes long) allows the child to take a rest from the learning, and motivates him/her to get acquainted with new words.

Let children learn with pleasure!

It has been proven that learning and memorizing are effective only if the child is in a good mood. When children are interested, those areas of the brain that are responsible for memory are very active. That is why Vocaboo apps are full of vivid pictures, live voices and atmospheric sounds. Good results are guaranteed through consolidation of knowledge, through game tests, and funny cartoons as rewards.

▶ More information on all topics can be seen on the website: http://vocaboo.com

In total, there are 10 apps in the Vocaboo series, containing more than 1,000 words: ABC, ZOO, FARM, FOOD, HOME, PEOPLE, FUN, OCEAN, SEASONS, CITY.

Buy all topics with a 50% discount and get a vocab list of more than 1,000 words and 1,500 phrases accompanied by HD photos and voiced by talented actors!


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