by Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc.
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Improve your performance in ULTIMEYES®.

Enjoy flexible interactive sessions and track your progress as your performance improves in ULTIMEYES®.

Your vision is important. For most of us vision is the most highly relied upon of the 5 senses. See just how easy it is in ULTIMEYES®, to track your progress on exercises that require visual acuity, reaction speed, contrast sensitivity and more.

The Regimen Behind ULTIMEYES®:

ULTIMEYES® tailors each session using proprietary algorithms and procedures.* Providing a regimen unique to your capabilities, ULTIMEYES® continually adapts based on your performance to optimize the experience.

Simple and flexible to use:

ULTIMEYES® is simple to use. Just follow the on-screen prompts and complete four 25-minute sessions per week for a total of eight weeks. Although results vary from person to person many ULTIMEYES® users see their performance in ULTIMEYES® improve in a few weeks.

Dr. Aaron Seitz is a professor at the University of California, a leading researcher in the field of Vision Science, an owner of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc. and a developer of ULTIMEYES®.


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