Typotastic - 3D text on photos

by cyoub UG
Typotastic magically turns your words into outstanding 3D videos.
Create 4 second video loops or still images with 3D fonts and FX that normally take hours and 3D skills with just one tap.

"It's like having a 3D artist in your pocket" -ModernLife
"Express your feelings and ideas in a new way" -3D Magazine

Features in Detail:

» Intelligent presets that create designs automatically from over 80 hand-picked 3D fonts
» More than 10 different animation styles that can be applied to each text
» Load your photos, videos as background or choose from more 1 Million images and videos from pixabay
» Over 20 different materials to customize your texts
» Powerful effects engine with animated 3D particles
» More than 50 3D cliparts


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Typotastic - 3D text on photos
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5 out of 5   
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Photo & Video
cyoub UG
October 16, 2017
138 MB

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