Top Chart Radio

by App Lords
★★Top Chat Radio is a personalized radio that is the most wanted app you must want. It only plays the latest music that everyone talks about. Tune in to find out! ★★

★We understand your need and grabbed the best hits from UK and US TOP CHART!
★Tune into the latest world of pop, rock, jazz, hip hop and many more.
★Experience the streaming sound Mp3 quality with zero disturbance.
With Top Chat Radio You Can:
✔ Play over 35 channels of all the LATEST HITS
✔ Play in background and use other application at the same time
✔ Play Mp3 and AAC+ quality sounds

✔ Play and Pause Button for each stations.

✔ Tune in to listen 24/7

✔ See Fantastic equalizers

✔ Master Play and Pause Option

✔ Have user friendly interface with cool graphics
What Others Say:
Superb Quality ★★★★★
by Megan_675t
The quality of the sound is great. I found no disturbance. That’s really impressive!
Best Radio App ★★★★★
by Racheal Brown
The great thing about the app is that you get top hit song all the time. I’m into latest music.
Thumbs up! ★★★★★
by Robbi Wills
Cool! I find it fun when I’m driving. The app is easy to handle.

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App Details

Top Chart Radio
Average Rating
5 out of 5   
Reviewed By
4 users
App Lords
August 2, 2012
3 MB

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