Bringing the TomTom WEBFLEET® portal to the iPhone and iPad!

TomUp enables you to use the essentials of TomTom WEBFLEET® conveniently wherever you go. Track your vehicles, send messages and always stay up to date!

*** FEATURES ***

- With TomUp's map view, you see where your vehicles are, if the ignition is on, whether they are driving and in which direction they are heading. Everything at a glance!

- Visualize the way a vehicle has taken at a given date: breaks, directions, speed... All you want to know!

- Use TomUp's advanced messaging system to receive and send messages to your drivers wherever you go. Stay connected!

- Use your iPhone camera to take pictures of your vehicles or drivers to customize the vehicle details and make them easily recognizable. Make it yours!

- TomUp uses the typical and proven concepts of the most well-known iPhone applications. It just feels natural!

- With the integrated feedback function we made it as easy as possible for you to tell us about your problems, thoughts and wishes. We care about you!


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May 24, 2011
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