Tape Measure PRO.

by Aexol
Tape Measure PRO provides you with the quickest way to measure any distance. Simply move your phone from one point to another and app would display the distance between them. No additional devices needed.

Tape Measure PRO uses built-in sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to calculate precisely how far you have moved your device which makes it ideal for length, width or height of objects measurement as well as internal room dimensions and much more.

- Measures distances from 20cm to 100m (8” to 300ft) quickly and easily
- Displays in metric or imperial units
- Save & store your measurements in the app
- Get access to them while shopping furniture, visiting construction site and much more


App Details

Tape Measure PRO.
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3 out of 5   
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126 users
September 9, 2017
30 MB

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