Tap Tap Smoke

by App Lords
Do you want to smoke cigarettes as much as you can? Then get Tap Tap Smoke, the awesome addictive smoking game that lets you smoke endlessly

The smoke, the ash and the burning tip will bring to you a vivid experience of the real thing without the negative impacts on your health

Just Tap on the Three Smoke holders and enjoy the smoke in the air. The faster you Tap the more quickly the cigarette burns but don't stop or the fire will run out

Be the First to smoke the most amount of cigarettes between your friends and the world

HD Wallpapers All Optimized for the latest iOS 7, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPod Touch 5 (640 x 1136), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd Gen and all
other iOS devices

-----------------Special Features---------------------

• Fast Paced Addictive Gameplay

• Real-time Graphics

• Superb Simulation of Smoke

• User Friendly Interface

• Fast Loading

• Global Score for Leaderboards



All the contents are collected from different sources those doesn’t violate copyright law and the purpose of this application is fully non-commercial.

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Tap Tap Smoke
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May 12, 2014
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