Stick draw

by zihao zhang
Jiaojiao stick figure is a carefully compiled painting primer for children, the content of which covers animals, characters, transportation, construction and articles for daily use, etc, altogether 100 graphics. These figures are drawed with the most basic shape combination and simple lines, but lay out the main characteristics of those objects. The vivid, humorou and simplified presentation of figures is its main advantage, making it popular among children children.

1. Through eye recognition, mind memery and handwritting activities, children can extract the most typical and prominent characteristic of an object,and draw a general, yet recognizable and shematic picture with planar and concise image style.

2.Children can practice the coordination of hands , eyes and brain in a certain degree. By drawing, children can start for early intellectual development.

3.This book teaches drawing from easy to difficult. By adopting gradual method, children can learn basic methods of stick figure and after they master the basic methods, then can create their own favorite works independently.


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Stick draw
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April 17, 2013
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