Singapore City Secrets - The Insider Travel Guide

All cities have two sides to them: The one shown in the “normal” guide books and the ones experienced by locals-in-the-know. What's hot and what's advertised are frequently not the same thing!

The City Secrets guide is designed to clue you in with the most up-to-date information on entertainment, accommodation and travel available.
It's fresh, smart and curated with you in mind! You should download your free copy now...

- Overview
- Shopping
- Entertainment
- Hotels
- Dining
- City & transport maps

Our Production Team
Development: Jason Liu, Jessica Wang
Graphic Design: Annie Li, Zoe Zheng
Editor: Sai Wu
Producer: Edward Tsang, Terence Lau

Please understand that this is an ongoing development. If you have found any issues or bugs, please let us know by email, We will solve them with free updates.

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Singapore City Secrets - The Insider Travel Guide
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