Simple Presentations

Easily build and display a professional presentation directly on your iPad, or iOS device. With an HDMI cable you can also display the presentation on a digital projector or TV.

It is easy to set up the presentation using combinations of text, image and video slides. The presentation has a default background image, background color, sound, font size and color. And each slide defaults to using those, but can override any of them if necessary.

Images and videos can be copied from your computer using iTunes or you can take them direct with your camera (if your device has one) or from your albums.

Sounds can also be transferred from your computer, recorded live, or taken from the music collection on your device.

If you have your presentation text in a plain text file you can easily paginate it so that when you are presenting the slide it becomes a sequence of pages.
So all you need to do is copy the file over using iTunes, add one slide. And you have a complete presentation ready to go.

You move forward and backward through the presentation by simply swiping right and left on your iPad. Or you can set the presentation to automatically change slides based on a timer.
(so it's easy to set up a Pecha-Kucha presentation too [20 slides in 20 seconds each]).

And you can present in portrait or landscape mode, without having to re-edit the presentation. Just rotate the device and the slides auto adjust.

Simple Presentation is great for a one on one sales presentation and its super easy to make prefessional presentations with a simple theme.

It is even easier to present them. Just press "play" and start swiping.

We make building the presentation easy, so you only have to worry about what it says.


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Simple Presentations
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April 3, 2012
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