Selfie Measure

by Marc Daou
Measurements have never been this easy!

We always admired what the iPhone was capable of doing, but we never thought measuring could be so simple and in this case would only require a mirror or even a glass.

With this app in your hands you would be able to measure anything as long as you could find a nearby mirror or glass...

All you have to do is take take a picture of yourself through a mirror and you will be able to measure anything in this photo as long as you do the following :

- keep your iPhone and the object you wish to measure vertical and parallel.
- the app measures heights, so it won't work if you try measuring widths.
- the whole object must appear in the picture.
- precision is the key to an accurate height.

And for the rest let your iPhone do the magic.

Marc Daou ( IOS Developer )

I Marc Daou, developed this App in Swift, only since I am under 18 years, I am not entitled to register an app, this is why I used my father's name.


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Selfie Measure
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Marc Daou
October 31, 2015
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