sDrives - VFD help

by Evgeny Makarenkov
The 'sDrives - VFD help' app provides quick access to alarm descriptions of Siemens drives. In a second you get a full alarm description, troubleshooting guide and even a link to the latest user manual. App greatly helps by commissioning and service giving you the necessary information when you need it and where you need it. All the data is taken from official Siemens guides and manuals.

It is small but really feature full application. A professional tool for professionals.

Currently supported drives: G110, G120 CU240B-2, , G120 CU240E-2, G120 CU230P-2, G120C, G120P, MM420, MM430, MM440, S110, SIMOREG DC-MASTER, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES VC, V20, V60, V90.

The app is in English. For most popular drives the alarms descriptions are also available in Russian, Spanish, French and simplified Chinese.

Free version is fully functioning but is limited with only one randomly chosen drive. If you like the app, you can unlock all the drives by means of in-app purchase.


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sDrives - VFD help
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Evgeny Makarenkov
May 22, 2017
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