Relax Baby

by Brighten Studios
Relax Baby is designed to help babies and their mothers get to sleep naturally. The app includes popular and effective relaxing sounds for sleep like: White Noise, Mothers Womb, Fan, Heart Beat, Pink noise and more, all fully mastered and produced to a high definition quality.

- High quality and naturally recorded sounds
- Simple gesture-based design, swipe between sounds!
- Sleep timer with progressive fade out
- Plays in the background and when your iPhone is locked
- Bluetooth enabled
- Exclusively for iOS7
- Simple sharing

Relax Baby was created by a small team, dedicated to bringing you frequent free feature updates. We’d love to know how we can help you relax even more, so please get in touch with us via the App Store “Support” link, or tweet us @brightenstudios. Thanks!


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Relax Baby
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Healthcare & Fitness
Brighten Studios
June 11, 2014
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