Proud Bunny

by chuck jerian
You control a rabbit, who races with a turtle. You make the rabbit hop and go forward by touching the screen, touch longer to jump higher, swipe the screen to jump further. The levels with water traps and hills are more difficult. You will have to swipe to beat those levels. This game is fun for the youngest kids, has no ads or in app purchases and all levels are unlocked. Buy Squirrel Rhyming Words and Squirrel Sight Words found on the related tab to learn while having fun.

Adds 2 new levels that are harder, with water traps. The bunny needs to jump over the water or it will lose the game. The turtle can swim through the water. Swiping makes the rabbit jump more. In this version holding down your finger makes the rabbit jump higher for up to 1 second. But be careful, you might just fall into the water if you always jump high.

If you want a more challenging game try Run Bunny Home, where the rabbit has to hop from platform to platform, See Related tab to find it. Run Bunny Home Kids is an Ad free version of Run Bunny Home with all the levels unlocked. For kids that are 5 or 6, this game might be too easy, but Run Bunny Home Kids is fun.

Get new apps Rhyming Words Target Shooting and Bubble Pop Letters Numbers Colors Shapes
Also get 2048 Farmer in the Dell.
See the related tab to find it.


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Proud Bunny
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chuck jerian
April 12, 2013
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