POI Search - World Live Search

POI Search acts as a Travel Guide to help user in finding the directions from one place to another via GPS enabled Map.

Find list of available Hotels, Attractions, Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, Drug Stores, Banks, ATM's, Shopping malls, Pizza huts, Gas Stations and Railway stations etc..

Predefined & POI searches are available. It brings your Device one step closer to a full feature GPS system. It has a database pre-populated with more than 1200 POI categories. You can find the places you are looking for without any typing.



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POI Search - World Live Search
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September 17, 2011
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It's a REAL COMPASS for your Apple Watch. It's designed ONLY for ‘Apple Watch Series 2’ : 1. W.COMPASS (on watch) uses GPS data to find out the course which you are moving towards to. 2. Real-Time longitude , latitude and altitude data. 3. Funny interactions of animations and Haptic Feedback.
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Display your optimal tacks on a chart, and the exact distance and time on each tack. Standard GPS chartplotters do not account for tacking distances. But if they do not know the distance you will travel, how can they calculate your correct ETA? SailTimer gives you a quick and easy display of your optimal tacks and TTD™ (Tacking Time to Destination).
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Speedometer+: • places a highly accurate speedometer in the palm of your hand • dedicated faces for mph, km/h, knots • displays current speed with both an analog and digital readout • records your maximum speed for a session • ability to lock your maximum speed so it's not overwritten by a new maximum speed • ability to share your maximum speed with friends
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GPS数据采集,相册拍摄位置修改,提供GPS数据、地图定位等。 包含以下功能: 1、修改相片/照片拍摄地理位置GPS经纬度; 2、定位当前位置,地图显示当前地理坐标; 3、展示详细的GPS定位数据,如经、纬度,海拔高度等;
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"Why don't we meet somewhere in the middle?"... How many times have you asked that? You and a friend want to pick a friendly meeting location equidistant from each of you but have no clue where that really is. This app is for you! It's as easy as: - 1. Entering information about each starting point. A address, a zip code, or even gps coordinates.
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