PK Driving Cargo Transporter: Truck-er Parking 3D

by Muhammad Zubair
Run your favorite game in a single click, start the ride on a cargo truck in the middle of the city and this exclusive PK cargo truck offers many amazing sounds, songs and bumpy road, jumping ride to you, enjoy in the city environment with your heavy loader cargo truck, and play PK Driving Cargo Transporter: Truck-er Parking 3D, the exciting pack of adventure game of 2017 special. Try to be quick in completing your ride, and reach the destination of your journey by parking the PK cargo truck right in its place.

So are you ready to start the free parking game, in the form of monster truck, real men challenge their skills here, are you one of them to test drive your abilities and have fun playing this amazing parking and speed spot extreme parking game, in PK Driving Cargo Transporter: Truck-er Parking 3D. This is a top new latest game for all the racing, car driving, tow truck driving, heavy cars, sport car, such driving lovers, this is a fantastic opportunity to have maximum fun in a short time, this is a realistic simulation based game which will help you feel like you are a part of this game and there is no limit of playing this game, it is an endless and ultimate true realistic cargo truck classic parking game, with steering controls and 3D city parking environment.

Make accurate, timely moves for the better racing and parking mania. There are a number of things loaded on the trucks and transported to faraway places, but when the loader truck is back from its duty travelling and transporting goods from pick-up place to drop place, there is some time to rest for the driver as well as long-travelled truck to cool down, in this short period of time, you are required to park the truck in its place, multiple heavy loader cargo trucks make the game play more amazing and add to the excitement of playing this game, whether what will be the next kind of truck you are going to park and what things are loaded in it. It is not necessary that similar trucks come in every level, there are different PK beautifully designed and decorated cargo trucks, with their typical looks and amazing regional songs playing in them, enjoy your ride and park the loader, city racer truck.

Cool graphics and real physics controls of the truck with break and strike sounds will take you to the magic land of this PK Driving Cargo Transporter: Truck-er Parking 3D game, and you will get to ride it as if it was really in front of you.

PK Driving Cargo Transporter: Truck-er Parking 3D has the key features as:

• Realistic PK city environment to drive through
• Amazing cargo trucks with artistic looks
• Multiple addictive levels with different trucks
• 3D HD game graphics to give realistic view
• Intuitive and quick controls
• Realistic sound effects making it pragmatic to play this game
• Free to install and play
• Game is upgradeable, by winning coins
• Change trucks and play it!
• Endless parking game

Get yourself ready to move from a mini vehicle right into a heavy large wheeled truck and doing trucker things is the aim of playing this parking game today, have fun now and park for an extra boost in game play.


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PK Driving Cargo Transporter: Truck-er Parking 3D
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Muhammad Zubair
February 17, 2017
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