Pinky Elefante

by Stephen Dinehart
If you love classic arcade action with a new-spin, you'll love Pinky Elefante™. Easy to play, hard to master, and highly replayable, it's a true ode to all that was 16-bit video games.

As the official game of World Elephant Day we're currently 100% of proceeds go to foster orphan elephants at the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Kenya (no affiliation). So far we've fostered one Ndotto and more are on the way.

As Club Colorverse™ I am an independent game developer and by purchasing this app and providing feedback you help me improve it and I'd love nothing more than to spend my days making this game and others like it full-time. It's not perfect - yet! - but I think it's a blast and with your help I can make it a legend. It's also coming soon to Nintendo!

Hope you have fun, remember to play and have a wonder filled day! Together we made a difference!


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Pinky Elefante
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5 out of 5   
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Stephen Dinehart
September 29, 2015
21 MB

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