Phone Defender - Call Blocker

3 Call Blockers in 1 App: (1) Block RoboCallers, Scams, and Telemarketers with our growing database (2) Block Entire Prefixes, even your own, to prevent Spoof Calls and Scams where RoboCallers use a fake, familiar looking "Spoof" CallerID Number using your area code and prefix followed by a random line number. These are Usually Scams and Identity Thieves trying to Record your Voice saying "Yes" so they can impersonate you and confirm fraudulent purchase agreements. (3) Block individual numbers by sharing them from the iOS Phone App. Optionally, you can Prevent blocking your Contacts by Filtering them On the Device using Private Contact Filtering--Your contact Data is Never Stored, Modified, or Transmitted--The Numbers are Only Used for less than a millisecond of Filtering and then Discarded.

Any blocked calls are sent Silently to Voicemail so you won't miss an Important Call. To Unblock a Caller simply add them to your Contacts by creating a new entry in your iOS Contacts App--you don't need to manage your Contacts in our App. We also won't bother you with notifications. Notifications are optional and our app uses mostly Silent Notifications to update the Blocklists with the latest RoboCallers.

If you Choose to enable the Optional Contact Filtering we Absolutely Respect your Privacy and Security. Our app will only access your contact numbers, if you've enabled it, to filter the block lists it generates On the Device, not on a server or in the cloud. No contact information is ever stored, copied, saved, added-to, modified or transmitted in any way.

If you have any issues with Phone Defender, or suggestions for future updates please email us at


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Phone Defender - Call Blocker
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Banzai Labs
August 23, 2017
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