PDF Reader Master: Search online pdf file , Read & Download & Save it.

by Subrata Kumar Mazumder
This PDF Reader Master is an application that is used to read the .PDF files.
this application is a user-friendly PDF reader that renders Adobe PDF documents. The app works great on all iPhone devices ,iPad or iPod and optimized to take advantage of larger screens. It can open files located on your device.

Features :-
User can read the PDF files.
User can zoom in the PDF files for a better vision.
User can also print the PDF file.
You can share the file to others.
Single and facing pages views
Scroll pages by finger tap on screen
take photo by camera and save as pdf file and open it
searching all PDF file in home directory and user can select for open.
Pages or scroll view. Page flipping animation.
download pdf file from your selected url.
Read pdf file after download complete.
When downloading progress will be showing.
If failed to download file from given url then it will give error alert view.


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PDF Reader Master: Search online pdf file , Read & Download & Save it.
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Subrata Kumar Mazumder
August 28, 2015
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