Password Manager Fingerprint Password Secure Vault

by Saliha Bhutta
Most simple, secure & powerful Password Manager App used by thousands of users everyday.

• Features
• UNIVERSAL APP - download it once and use it on all Apple devices. (IAP required to unlock unlimited records)
• Extremely easy to use password app
• Built with simplicity and common sense
• With KeyPad and DotLock technology
• Or use finger Touch ID (available on iOS 8 and higher devices with finger touch sensor)
• Record time, date and location of unsuccessful password entry
• See a real map with a pin to show you the exact location of intrusion
• 9 beautiful templates to choose from
• All data is sorted alphabetically
• You can narrow your search with Search Bar feature
• View your login and passwords right away
• Backup password in CSV or Microsoft Excel format
• Save backed up passwords on Email, DropBox, Evernote etc
• Restore from previous backups with one push of a button
• Sync your passwords among all Apple devices
• Built in password forget feature so you never get locked out of your app
• Keep all your passwords safe and you never have to forget them again!

Restore From Backup:
In order to Sync your password or restore from backup then
- Email a CSV backup file to yourself (Or upload to DropBox)
- Open that email on your new iPhone/iPad (or Open DropBox)
- Make sure you have Password Manager Pro+ installed on that new device
- Touch and hold on CSV extension backup file for 1 second
- Open the file with our app
- Login to the app
- When prompted that backup file was detected choose one of the options.
- That's it you are done!

••• NOTE: Your initial KeyPad password is 1234 and dotlock is 1-2-3, connect the top three dots from left to right. Make sure to change your security question and passwords once logged in. Your Apple Watch password is the same as your iPhone / iPad Keypad password of our password manager app.


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Password Manager Fingerprint Password Secure Vault
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3 out of 5   
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22 users
Saliha Bhutta
August 9, 2015
4 MB

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