OJP London - Offline Journey Planner

by eBuyAndSave Ltd
London's FIRST Offline Journey Planner (OJP) using public transport.

Are you travelling to London, UK? Felt the need to plan a journey when you have no internet connectivity? Not a problem anymore. With the Offline London Journey Planner, you can do just that. Plan or re-plan your journey on the move without using any data.

Recent realtime journeys are now saved and can be viewed offline. Perfect.

Need real time journey planning to take into account delays on the tube. Not a problem. The app allow you to plan real time journeys too.

6 different journey combinations are calculated for every journey.
1. Journey's by bus only.
2. Journey's by London services.
3. All services (National rail, tube, bus, walking, docklands light rail, tram, river bus services)
4. Night bus only.
5. Night services (Friday and Saturday), this include night tube services
6. Walking journeys. (if reasonably short)


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OJP London - Offline Journey Planner
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March 6, 2017
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