by Oleg Levkutnik
This is a simple and useful application for your car. You can save any actions, including the cost, date and geographic coordinates. And then you can see this information in history, or on a map.

The functionality of the free version:
- The "Find My Car": One touch saves time and place of parking on the map.
- Petrol stations: marks the place, time and cost.
-Washing: marks the place, time and cost.
- Several cars: the use of any number of cars and saving the data for each. You can add a new car, edit and delete the car.
- History: A list of all events with the ability to edit and delete.
- Map: you see the whole story in the form of icons. If you press and hold down any place on the map, you will add a new note.
- Total: considers all money costs for the maintenance of the vehicle

Additional functionality of the full version:
- Service: marks the place, time, description and cost of maintenance. It marks the current reading of odometer.
- Additional costs: simply press and mark the parking costs, fines, toll roads and transportation.
- Spares: you can create the own list of auto spares and use it for shopping. The place, time and cost of purchased spares will be marked.
- Reminder: automatically reminds the need for service, using the specified service interval.

Functionality for Apple Watch:
- Quick editing of the odometer readings and comfortable visual scale of run between services.
- Date and cost of the last refueling.
- The place of the last parking on a map and the distance to it.
- Quick retention of time, place and cost of refueling, car wash or costs.


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September 26, 2015
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