MobiShield HD

MobiShield protects your iPad . Get MobiShield HD for Security Scan, Data Backup, System Monitoring, Traffic Monitoring and more.
Give your iPad a healthy check-up! MobiShield of iPad can check whether there is security risks in your iPad, help you repair risks and prevent the personal information leakage in your iPad because of security risks.

Main Features:

* Security Scan
- Safe scan;
- Risk repair;
- Check the iPad monitoring information;
- Monitoring iPad traffic;
- Monitor iPad battery;
- Monitor iPad storage;
- Monitoring system information;

*Contacts backup & restore
- Securely backup your contacts and to our server;
- Backup content will be encrypted and compressed. It can ensure the security in data transmission and data storage.

*Traffic Monitoring
- Real-time network traffic on your device;
- Cap a maximum traffic limit to make sure you never go over your limit;

* Battery Monitoring
- Graphical battery level display;
- Battery state monitoring (discharging, charging, full);
- Estimated battery work time for different usage patterns (standby, 2G/3Gtalk time, Wi-Fi/3G usage, audio and video playback )

* Storage Monitoring
- Real time memory usage monitoring - Graphical display of wired, active, inactive and free memory;
- Real time disk usage monitoring - Graphical display of used and free disk capacity;
- list of all running processes;

* Network Monitoring:
- monitoring of 3G and Wi-Fi network connections;
- IP addresses of the current connection;
- Mac address;

* System Monitoring:
- Device Information such as operating system ,kernel version , device model, user name and UDID, Frequency etc...

* Security Erase
- It will securely erase all of the deleted files on your device to ensure nobody can restore them by using data restoring tools.


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MobiShield HD
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September 4, 2012
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