Mindfulness Meditation - Unyte

by Unyte Health
Mindfulness Meditation with Tara Brach, Phd.

This nine-step guided meditation program features the work of Tara Brach, Ph.D., and focuses on mindfulness. As you progress through each step you’ll find yourself achieving greater self-awareness and developing a deeper sense of calm.

Experience profound transformation by training your attention in Mindfulness, a practice embraced by schools, workplaces, and businesses across with the country.

Mindfulness is a "small hinge that swings a large door".

*** This app requires Unyte’s iom2 biofeedback device. ***

Unyte Interactive Meditation
Unyte is unlike any other relaxation or stress-management program. With a biofeedback device known as the iom2, your breathing and heart rate guide your practice. With our immersive meditation Journeys led by world-famous guides, you will immediately know how to improve your meditation and reach new levels of calm.

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Mindfulness Meditation - Unyte
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July 1, 2015
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