Enjoy maze art life!

MazeImager is a full automatic curve maze generator that converts a maze from a photo.

You can not only create maze but also decorate photos or use as a tool for digital art.

After an original bitmap is binarized, curves like annual rings are generated along the outline of dark, light, or both side domain on binarized image, then a maze is created from the curves.

Maze domain can be modified in manner of paint app (option).

From Ver.1.9, a route search feature is equipped (option).
From Ver.2.0, new maze type "Reciprocating", "Roundness" of maze corner, and, "End Point" of maze wall are added.
From Ver.2.2, new feature to apply original color to maze wall is added.

JPEG export is available.
After In-App purchase, PNG, SVG or PDF export function will be enabled. Since PNG has an alpha channel, you can get images with transparent background. And since SVG and PDF are vector image that is not degraded due to enlargement, these can be utilized as image materials for creators.

Note) Please represent a credit notation like "Maze generated by MazeImager" or attach #MazeImager hash tag to publish your contents with maze image/data generated by MazeImager.


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April 22, 2015
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