Mappia Multi

by Mappia AB
The Mappia method uses pictures instead of numbers to learn the tables. This is helpful for the brain, as pictures are more tangible than numbers (this is also a known memory technique). The method consists of three steps, all fully implemented in the tool MappiaMulti.

Step 1: To fully utilize the brain's capacity for visual learning, each of the numbers in the tables have been assigned a picture. The first step in the Mappia method is to learn which picture that corresponds to which number. This is easily done, as the pictures are designed to be easy to remember. There are also suggested clues to make it easier to remember each picture-number pair.

Step 2: The order in the table is learned by associating each picture with a certain position. This step utilises the brain's strengh in remembering places and positions. Using a combination of pictures and positions has been proven to be one of the major organising principles in the brain, e.g. by the 2014 Nobel prize laureate in medicine.

Step 3: Last but not least you need to practise solving multiplication tasks with pictures and positions instead of numbers. This is a whole new way of thinking, but once you give it some practice it will come to you naturally.

Learning the tables with pictures instead of numbers is easier and fun for all, but may be extra important for kids with challenges, dyslexia or ADHD.

Read more about the science behind visual learning at There is also a printed classroom material for MappiaMulti.

The MappiaMulti Interface supports English and Swedish.


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