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Welcome to Krome Studio Plus, a unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) SERVICE App for creating your perfect photos. The price of the app includes your FIRST design service. Get a unique and beautiful family or business image made for you that is easier, faster and less expensive than traditional photographers charge.

Krome is for your important family photos and for your business images. Your baby and kids will look amazing, better than with a professional photographer, since we can place them anywhere they can imagine. Your business product images will bring more engagement and sales. Try it Now!

Krome design orders start at only $3 per order. A business image is only $12. See the beauty and creativity Krome designers can bring to your photos.

The Krome Service App let's you request anything you want and OUR designers will create your perfect photo. Your first Service photo design is INCLUDED in this App's price. We can Correct the color, skin and clean up the background on your photos. Or we can completely change the background, add a person and create a whole new image using your photo. Check our Lookbooks for inspiration + great ideas for you!

App Features:

Service: Your personal photo DESIGNER is:
• Helping you look your best and letting you express your imagination.
(No job is too big or small for our team of photo experts.)
• Giving you prompt & convenient service
• Completing your designs in less than 24 hours to complete.

Submit your photo requests directly from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Advanced PHOTO EDITS for LESS:
• A professional graphic designer can cost up to $350 an hour!
• Krome offers personalized photo transformation for a flat fee.

Typical Requests:
• Color, Skin and background corrections
• Change backgrounds
• Add or remove people
• Combine multiple images into one
• Fix, restore and repair

100% satisfaction guaranteed
• Enjoy 1 complimentary re-edit with each purchase

Instruction Guide for Service:
1. Download our app, your FIRST photo project is INCLUDED.
2. Select a photo to edit from your phone photo gallery
3. Share your vision & tell us how we can create the perfect photo
4. Or check out our look books for inspiration
5. Create an account. A photo specialist will contact you once your photo project is ready to view
6. Receive your completed photo project in approximately 24 hours
7. Enjoy and share your photos with loved ones!

Photos are important to us. They are visual reminders of our lives and express who we are. They are part of our identity and they are fun! We can fix a photo that is too dark or remove an object but we can also make your photo into whatever you can imagine! Krome is about limitless creativity with photos working with real people. That’s right – real photos designers will interact with you to get your photo just the way you want it. We will to create something a machine can never imagine.

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams

Get inspired:
• View our blog ( for photo ideas and inspiration
• Follow up on Facebook (,
• Instagram (
• Twitter (


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Krome Studio Plus
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