Kindergarten Reading: School Version

by Anne Gardner
Now on iPhone and iPad!

~ Kindergarten Reading with Multiple Choice Questions ~

Kids will enjoy learning to read with these short passages about animals, sports, people and more! Listen to each passage with full voice narration.

This app is designed to help kids develop comprehension skills during the process of learning to read. Using this app, kids become skilled at reading passages and answering text-based multiple choice comprehension questions.

Stories include:
-The Seal
-The Rocket
-The Mittens
-The Boy in the Balloon
-The Girl and Her Horse
-The Boy and His Dog
-Pam’s Bike
-The Kite
-The Girl and Her Jeep
-Two Little Penguins
-The Boy and His Horse

Art Credits: Alisa Romanova

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Kindergarten Reading: School Version
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Anne Gardner
February 5, 2016
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