iUnix show you details and usage of unix commands.


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Game Net for - Forza Horizon 3

Race through a massive wide-open world featuring dramatic weather and day to night cycles. Instantly connect with friends in the ultimate celebration of speed, style, and action-packed driving. Explore beautiful and exotic locations in more than 200 of the world’s greatest cars, all created with precise detail in 1080p.
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Demographix allows you to view demographic information based on US Census 2010 block and block-group level information. The data is updated in with yearly supplemental files. There are 3 ways to search: - The application uses your current location by default - Use the search bar to search an address or zip code - Long Press the map to search for the selected point.
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Home Builder Pocket Reference

Home Builder Pocket Reference puts home construction information you need to know at your finger tips. The app includes over 1,500 illustrations, 100 guides to building energy efficient buildings and 30 calculators to help you understand and apply the information.
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SpokenWord Audio Bible - New Testament

World English Bible translation - The entire New Testament in audio form read by a real person with no drama or background music. All the audio is embedded so you can listen at any time, without the need for a wireless connection.
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SkySafari 6 Plus

SkySafari 6 Plus goes beyond most basic astronomy apps by providing you with a full-featured space simulator with telescope control. Note that there is no discount upgrade path from SkySafari 6 Plus to SkySafari 6 Pro. Choose carefully! Here's what's new in version 6: 1) Complete support for iOS 11 and iPhone X. We got you covered and release regular updates.
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Greek Bible Dictionary

Access over 5200 Greek words used in the Bible. 40 Bibles includes along with 15 major commentaries. Find full meanings, Strong's number relation, part of speech and English transliteration. Link from one word to similar meaning ones. Search on the definition, Latin and Greek words using English and Greek keyboards. Includes all resources. No extras are needed.
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Game Guru for - The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The threequel to the party game phenomenon features the deadly quiz show Trivia Murder Party, the say-anything sequel Quiplash 2, the surprising survey game Guesspionage, the t-shirt slugfest Tee K.O., and the sneaky trickster game Fakin’ It. Our revolutionary add-on for Jackbox Party Pack 3 lets you watch live-streams across multiple channels and devices.
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Posted! - List Pro & Anti-Gun

This application is for any gun owner! The purpose of this app is for the legal and conscientious concealed carry license holder to know where they cannot legally carry before getting there.
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