iUnix show you details and usage of unix commands.


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Army Ranger Handbook

The ultimate resource for anyone who wants to know how Rangers think and work. Army Rangers specialize in airborne assault, raids, recovery of personnel and equipment, and airfield seizure, among other difficult and dangerous missions. The U.S. Army Ranger Handbook app offers the latest techniques and tactics used everyday by Rangers.
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iRosary (Catholic Rosary)

You are connected to the world around you with e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, and more. Are you connected to God? If you are like most Catholics, it's difficult to find time to pray during your busy day. If you would like to change that, we made iRosary for you. Got a few minutes waiting in line? iRosary turns this into time with God.
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NFPA 70®: National Electrical Code® 2017 Edition

Protect those around you and help build a safer world with the 2017 NFPA 70®: National Electrical Code! The NEC® is the benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards.
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Cheat Suite Grand Theft Auto 5 Edition PRO Game Cheats, Codes and Videos for Xbox 360 and PS3

The #1 PRO cheat guide for Grand Theft Auto 5! + * 5 STARS RATINGS & REVIEWS! * "This is a great app I'd recommend it to any gamer, or GTA fanatic" "This app is legit. Don't always use it OR your game will be beat FAST" "Awesome. It's very very .......very.................. GOOD!" = The top GTA 5 cheats for PS3 and Xbox 360. = Unlimited money, ammo and every TOP cheat.
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Cooking Thermometer

Simple reference to internal and cooking temperatures for meats, poultry, and baking. No Internet connection required to use - download once and take it with you to your kitchen, to your in-laws, or to a camp site. Enjoy your meals!
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Concealed Carry App - CCW Permit Law & Reciprocity

Concealed Carry App is a must-have tool for every responsible gun owner in America. Enter any state confidently and never fear being illegally armed again! Designed for the concealed carry permit holder, it’s your complete guide to knowing which states have concealed carry reciprocity and in what states your permit is valid. You don’t need to guess.
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Roller Coaster Creations for Planet Coaster (PC)

This is an unofficial Roller Coaster Creations for 【Planet Coaster】. Sick of looking for Planet Coaster Creations everywhere, but ends up wasting time and money to backup the game, download and install those boring coasters? Search no more!
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English / French dictionary

Larousse goes mobile! New English/French - French/English dictionary application for the iPhone now available from Larousse, leading dictionary and reference book publisher.
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