Discover the infinite possibilities to filter your photos and videos!

Quickly and easily select the effects you like and fine-tune them as you prefer to match your ideas. And if you like the result, you can save the filters together as a new one to easily apply them later on other pictures. (or videos).

23 base effects, all of them with many adjustable parameters:

artistic contours, bloom, blur, channel mixer, color change, color overlay, color replace, edges, glowing edges, half-tone, intensity, invert, median, monochrome, patches, pencil, pixelate, photocopier, posterize, sharpen, splash, solarize, two-color ... or combine any of these together to create your own, unique effect!

Do you need just a slight adjustment to improve your photo, or want to change it completely and turn it into an artistic piece? You can find the right tools for anything you can think of.

Why it's great:
- The same easy-to-use toolset for photos and videos
- Preview the effects on any frame of a video
- Instant preview as you are adjusting the effects
- All photos/videos are processed in full resolution
- Universal app both for your iPhone/iPod Touch and your iPad.
- Different parameters for all of the effects to fine-tune the result.


App Details

Average Rating
4.5 out of 5   
Reviewed By
170 users
Photo & Video
Voxeloid Kft.
March 10, 2011
12 MB

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