iHorror tells you horror stories of Japan, you would know more about japanese culture and history.


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September 1, 2011
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DinoTrek VR Experience

DinoTrek VR Experience is an immersive virtual reality experience showing what it might have been like to live during the time of the dinosaurs! It is designed for Google Cardboard, by Geomedia, Inc. and HIVE VR. - DinoTrek VR is designed for mobile virtual reality headsets, specifically, Google Cardboard - For the best virtual reality experience, use headphones
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Fun Bubbles - kids & toddlers

Select your bubble color and speed! Kids and adults love it! Help your child develop their fine motor skills with Fun Bubbles. Now with full multi-touch support and custom backgrounds. Fun Bubbles was created to entertain our toddler. He enjoys having an app of his own. He likes playing so much, one of his first words was Bubbles! HOW TO PLAY √ Tap to Create a Bubble!
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forger is a digital sculpting and painting application for the artist who wants to be able to work on the go. forger lets you sculpt while you are on the train, sitting on the couch, or waiting in a queue.
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Youtify Pro for Spotify Premium

Youtify – The best music search engine for Spotify Premium and YouTube Music in Background! : TODAY ONLY 50% OFF : With Youtify you can find all the music you want. You can search by Playlists, Songs, Albums or Artists, and enjoy all the music through Spotify or Youtube.
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Pictophile Pro

Pictophile is an app that specializes in the sharing of funny/entertaining photos and GIFs. And maybe a few videos here and there. We help maintain a community that enjoys creating and sharing content for others' amusement. Oh my goodness has this app got it all.
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Baby UltraSound

If you are looking for a great wow effect baby ultrasound is for you. Launch the app and put your phone against your belly or your girlfriend's belly to start the exam. Baby UltraSound will detect contact with the skin, the ultrasound display will start when the Iphone is pressed and moved along the skin.
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Ellen's Emoji Exploji

Ellen’s Emoji Exploji is bursting with all of the fun and hilarious emojis that only Ellen can provide. With images and animations that you can send right from the app or using your keyboard, you’ll be an Emoji Exploji devoji in no time. It’s full of all the emojis you’ve been wanting, and emojis you didn’t even realize you wanted, but you do now!
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Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank - Cracked Break

Go Crazy with - Broken screen wallpapers. Prank your friends and have endless clean fun. - Bubble pop. Is there more to say about this addiction? - Break bulbs. - Police sirens - Glass break - Bullet holes - Colorful finger painting (IAP required to unlock items) There are NO Ads of any kind in this app. What are you waiting for? Download now!
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