iHorror tells you horror stories of Japan, you would know more about japanese culture and history.


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September 1, 2011
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getGIF - search and share GIFs

Browse, find and share animated GIFs in seconds! Track GIFs in our Today View widget to keep up-to-date with new GIFs. getGIF for iOS allows you to easily browse through millions of GIFs… • See trending and popular GIFs from across the web. • Favorite GIFs to view them later (these sync across devices using iCloud).
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Cyanide and Happiness

Thanks to everyone for making Cyanide and Happiness the #1 Paid App in Entertainment and the #3 Overall Paid App in the US! It's an all-new Cyanide and Happiness app! With a hot updated interface and killer new features, this app is the way to get your daily C&H fix.
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Turn your iPhone/iPod touch into a futuristic scanning device! Has three scanning modes, with animated graphics and sound effects! No sci-fi fan should be without it! If you have a phaser and a communicator, then all you need is Quadcorder and you will be set to explore the galaxy! Check out a video of Quadcorder in action, click on my website below!
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My PlayHome School

New from the creators of the award winning "My PlayHome" series! "My PlayHome School" expands the PlayHome world into the classroom! Explore the school and play at being teacher, experiment in the science room, take lunch in the cafeteria or even mop the corridors! "My PlayHome School" has no time limits, scores or power ups.
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Hi to all the new Nüdifiers! Nüdifier™ is a fun, easy to use app that makes the mysterious and previously high-cost process of Nüdification™ available to everyone. Snap a photo, paint off clothes and frame your nüdified photo for sharing with everyone! Instant embarrassment! Giggles galore! "Nüdifiying my team was the bonding experience our company needed.
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Channels ‒ Live TV

Live TV, anywhere in your home. Channels lets you watch, pause, and rewind local or cable TV directly on your iPhone or iPad. Learn more about Channels at http://getchannels.com. Channels requires an HDHomeRun networked TV tuner to watch live TV on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Learn more about how this works below.
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Baldify - Go Bald

Baldify - Go Bald Stroll down the Norwood Scale of Hair Loss! Get the balding app installed by over 2.5 Million people. "if all of your hair fell out overnight and you were left with a tragic, Larry-David-esque halo of hair" - Huffington Post From the makers of Oldify, Fatify AND Zombify. Take a selfie and Baldify will make you bald.
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New 3D Emojis Animated Emoji

Decorate your words with New, Animated, 3D emoticons! Express yourself with the #1 collection of emojis via Message, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Email, Notes, Facebook, Twitter and almost anywhere you can type text. Awesome Features: • iPhone Native Emojis • 3D Animated Emojis • NEW Emoji Stickers • Vivid Smiley Icons
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