iHearing, let you test your hearing age by listen sounds. Checking whether you hearing age equal to your real age. Let's try iHearing.


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August 27, 2011
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Bluetooth Finder

Bluetooth Finder helps you find your missing Bluetooth devices. If you misplace your device, this app will let you use your iPad Pro that is paired to your device to help find it. Simply install this app, open it, and the app will guide you to your missing device.
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Direct Remote for DIRECTV

Direct Remote is a Wi-Fi remote control for your DIRECTV receiver that allows you to control your receiver using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network. Works with Genie Client Receivers as well as RVU enabled TV sets. See notes below to check compatibility with your DIRECTV system. Features: • Voice control for DIRECTV receivers!
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Spot the Spy: Privacy Security

Is someone seeing all your private emails? What about your facebook messages? Is someone spying on those? Spot the Spy will let you know! Find out how many intruders are spying on your private information. Prevent them from changing the passwords and closing you out of your accounts. How?
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virLaser Level

The Virtual Laser Level allows you use your iPhone’s camera similarly to a laser level. It also shows angles in degrees. Sometimes situations arise where there is no way to approach the object and determine whether it's level. With your iPhone and this program it will now be easy to. The red axes on the screen will always show true horizontal or vertical.
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What people are saying: "StashBot is that perfect combination of grace, functionality, and ease-of-use. Behind the pretty face, though, an intelligent engine delivers numbers you can trust. Unless you're a math genius with all the charts in your mind, this is the best $5 you'll ever spend on a knitting app." - Clara Parkes, Knitter's Review
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Pic Perfect 2 - Resize

Easy to use, Pic Perfect 2 creates the right size post, profile, or other images for popular social media platforms. No more cut off edges on Instagram posts! It even launches the Instagram app with the picture ready to post! Select the platform you want the image for, pick an image from your library or take one with your camera, and Pic Perfect 2 does the rest.
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Synctastic for Google

••• SYNCS GROUPS! ••• SYNCS AUTOMATICALLY! ••• COMPATIBLE WITH GOOGLE APPS! With ”Synctastic,” you can quickly & easily sync your Gmail & iPhone contacts so that you can have access to your contacts wherever you go.
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Photon Flash Player for iPhone - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser

+ "Photon browser is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its Flash support..." - USAToday + Photon for iPad is #1 in Utilities in US, UK and top 30 overall app around the world. + Photon plays flash videos, games and flash websites.
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