iAmNotified - Anti Spy System

by Tommaso Concato
Know if someone unlocked your screen and is spying on your device! True security against physical access. It works if they know your password and even if no password is set for the lock-screen.
iAmNotified is the solution to definitively secure your device!
It acts as a watchdog that lets you know if someone accessed your iPhone or iPad while you were not looking. It can also alert people that you are monitoring the device, discouraging any malicious access.

No one can access your device without the password. But...

What happens if your sneaky colleague or friend peeks while you type it in?
What if your partner or parents simply demand it? ("Why don't you give me your password, are you hiding something?".... does this sound familiar?).
What if someone uses your fingerprint to unlock your device while you sleep? (yeah, it has happened, check the press).

They would have access to your entire life: pictures, videos, contacts, whatsapp conversations, facebook chats, emails (which mean access to any of your online accounts via password reset), etc.
They might even install malware to spy on you remotely!

That you need to change your password. That a tracking virus is running on your device. That you have to alert your bank. That your competitor has stolen your confidential data. That your partner knows about "those" pictures and conversations and you'd better prepare a good excuse....
That people you trust don't respect your privacy!

+++ HOW IT WORKS +++
1. open the App
2. lock the screen

That's it! Your device is Secured!

You will immediately receive a notification on the lock-screen. The notification will remain there until the screen stays locked. If anyone unlocks the screen while you are away, the notification will not be there when you return, alerting you that someone had access to your device.
The notification changes every single time for extra security.

The History Log keeps track of the last notifications shown, so by-passing the system is virtually impossible.

Double Function: use the app with STEALTH NOTIFICATIONS to catch anyone who is spying on you, or with DETERRENT NOTIFICATIONS to let everybody know that you are monitoring any access to the device.

You choose what appears on the notification:

+ STEALTH NOTIFICATIONS (simulate a useful notification, to disguise the true nature of iAmNotified)
- Lucky Lottery Numbers - [Who doesn't play the lottery? I mean... free money, right?!]
- Famous Citations - [Because everyone needs some inspirational quotes every now and then]
- Definition of a Complex Word - [Education is important! Anyone would want to expand his vocabulary]
- Fake Stock Exchange Alert - [These are total random companies symbols and values. Not real data to be sued in the stock market!]

+ DETERRENT NOTIFICATIONS (showing that you are monitoring the device, will discourage people from accessing it)
- Custom Message - [You choose what appears on the notification]
- "Device locked at: #current date and time#" - [Shows the time of the last screen lock]
- "Access to this device is monitored. Unique notification ID: #securityID#"

Improve your stealthiness with these advanced options

- Secret Lock -> Launch iAmNotified without anyone near you noticing. When the option is activated, a black dimmed screen is shown when the app is opened, simulating the lock screen. Now you can secretly press the lock button to lock the screen, or wait for it to lock automatically. To access the app with the option activated, simply tap anywhere on the black screen.

- Random Notification Time -> The notification appears at a random time within 2 minutes from the screen lock, instead of immediately after

Start to feel in control of your device!


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iAmNotified - Anti Spy System
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Tommaso Concato
March 16, 2017
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