Good Woofy

by Lee Searle
Good Woofy - Train your dog when you're not there.

Good Woofy can train your dog to stop barking while your not home by playing short recordings of your voice that play automatically when your dog barks.

Simply set Good Woofy on an iOS device that you normally leave at home, perhaps your iPad or an old iPhone or iPod touch.

Good Woofy will listen out for when your dog barks, and if activated your Command to tell your dog to quiet down and your Praise to reward your dog for obeying your Command will play automatically.

Later you can view your dog's progress with Stats and Recording playback.

Share stats and recordings via iTunes, email, and more.

We'd love to hear from you to help make Good Woofy better, please give us feedback by writing a review and rating Good Woofy here on the App Store.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback.


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Good Woofy
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Lee Searle
April 24, 2015
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