Fun Travel Games for Kids, Teenagers & All The Family! Journeys go faster - play in the Car, a Plane, on a Boat!

by E Bayley
Great Traditional Travel Games for kids, teenagers & all the family! Your road trips will seem shorter than ever - don’t leave home without this app!

********** Features **********
- Fun games for everyone
- No internet connection needed
- Long journeys seem so much shorter!
- For all ages
- Always with you on your iPhone or iPad

Our collection of over 65 games comes with full instructions on how to play each one, and some come with extra variations too.

Traveling really can be fun! This app is packed with fun, exciting and challenging traditional travel games for all the family, kids, teenagers and adults, to play in the car.

Customer Reviews:
"My friend told me to get this, and she was right - perfect for long journeys with kids of all ages, including my husband….. kept everyone happy!"

"This is great - a whole lot of fun games the whole family can play together on any kind of journey. Recommended"

"Keeps the children occupied for hours on road trips. All sorts of simple traditional games we can play together, and some new ones. Cheaper than a coffee, and for us well worth the money. Makes a change from having the kids plugged into their phones listening to music the whole way!!"
No internet connection required to play.

All for less than the price of a coffee!

Suitable for all ages – even the driver can play many of them.

You can search for your favorite game, or browse through the 13 different categories.

The games categories include:

* I-Spy games including Eagle Eyed and Spotters Badge
* Alphabet Games including Alphabet Stories and Spelling Bee
* Counting Games including Odds & Evens, Buzz and Road Trip Math
* Licence Plate Games including Licence Bingo and Licence Lingo
* Word Games including Forbidden Words, Sausages and Crazy Riddles
* Quiz Games including 20 Questions and Animal, Vegetable or Mineral
* Memory Games including Picnic game and Grocery Store
* Musical Games including Name That Tune and Bang

And so much more…
Over 65 games in total!

Journeys can be really exciting, especially for kids – setting off on in the car, maybe to a place they’ve never been before, or to meet some new friends.
All of these games are simple to play, a few of them require pen and paper, but they can make a long car journey seem very much shorter.

There are all different kinds of traditional games; alphabet games, spotting games, guessing games, word games, counting games and much more. Some of them can be played competitively or maybe just to while away the time.

The games are suitable for all ages and many come with ideas as to how they can be made easier or more difficult, to suit the age of the players.

Have a safe and fun trip and enjoy some travel games on your way!


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Fun Travel Games for Kids, Teenagers & All The Family! Journeys go faster - play in the Car, a Plane, on a Boat!
Average Rating
2.5 out of 5   
Reviewed By
8 users
E Bayley
November 17, 2012
44 MB

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