Flying Eagle Hunter : Additive Game For Kids

by Muhammad Tahir
Flying Eagle Hunter : Additive Game For Kids is a real Fish Hunting 3D Game that download on app store.

Hunting in the vast sea may be a fun challenge, Control the Flight of an eagle on the deep blue sea continue monitoring the movement of fish under water hunt all fishes try to shoot as much as you can and increase coins.

Touch your mobile device to control the flight of an eagle flying on the blue sea and monitor the direction of fish,
your fish cannon will fire net to catch fish on its way.
catch all the fish within the time of life and get rewarded with coins and finish the bottom line of hunting fish.

Sea Eagle Survival : Fish Hunting From Huge Water Game features:

• A real life experience of hunting Fish
• HD 3D graphics
• Fish are different in sizes and speed


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Flying Eagle Hunter : Additive Game For Kids
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Muhammad Tahir
February 17, 2017
105 MB

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