Find Soundtracks

by Fatih Durmaz
You can find soundtracks and music of your favorite movies and TV series easily with "Find Sountrack".
You may listen to music or soundtrack that you want or buy them on iTunes or share with your friends.
Also you may reach easily to soundtracks of popular movies and TV series that take place in IMDb Top 250 List with special lists which prepared for IMDb.

You may explore music and soundtracks that you do not know at all from movies and TV series at first stage.

Application Features;

• Movie and TV Series Music/Soundtrack that are in Imdb Top 250 list
• Ability to search by the name of Movie or TV series
• Ability to listen Music/Soundtrack and buy on iTunes Store
• Ability to share Music/Soundtrack on Facebook, Twitter or Mailing
• Ability to use the application in landscape and portrait modes
• Music and Soundtrack Grouping


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Find Soundtracks
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Fatih Durmaz
November 3, 2015
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