Ella - GPS Elevation Tracker

by Lifelike UX Limited
Record your elevation in real-time with Ella. Perfect for hiking, climbing, or road trips.

Ella records & graphs your elevation changes and provides you statistics when your trip is completed. Ella's color scheme changes from gray to green or red as your elevation gain or loss exceeds 100 ft. from your starting point.

When your trip is over, interrogate the elevation profile chart or view detailed statistics about your trip.

Recording Statistics
- Elevation gain
- Start elevation
- Finish elevation
- Highest recorded elevation
- Lowest recorded elevation
- Cumulative elevation gain (Up)
- Cumulative elevation loss (Down)
- Duration (Time)
- Gradient

Elevation Chart
- Interrogate the chart by touching different points of the graph to see your elevation gain/loss at that point in the trip

Take Ella with you on the trail, up mountains, and down canyons.

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Ella - GPS Elevation Tracker
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4 out of 5   
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8 users
Lifelike UX Limited
December 22, 2015
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